What is Althea?

Althea L1 is an application/platform-specific, permissionless, high-availability Cosmos SDK / hybrid EVM blockchain purpose built for infrastructure and internet connectivity. The Althea L1 blockchain is the backbone of the Althea Network platform, which enables growth for ISP or other infrastructure providers through a modular, open-access system featuring price-aware routing and peer-to-peer microtransactions. Althea Network removes the payment layer entirely and, thanks to Althea L1 blockchain, replaces it with a smart metering and routing system.

This enables existing internet or other infrastructure providers to economically expand their reach and new ISPs to rapidly deploy new networks and ancillary infrastructure. For more information on Althea Network, see Althea Network Documentation.

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What is the Cosmos Ecosystem

The Cosmos ecosystem is a decentralized network of discrete, but interconnected (and interoperable) blockchains.

Cosmos SDK is the foundation upon which all blockchains in the ecosystem are built. It features a number of modules that enable interoperability between blockchains and offers a high degree of customization and network efficiency. To learn more about the Cosmos ecosystem, we would encourage you to explore their official documentation.