May 2024, note: Migration assistant is temporarily unavailable, as transfers are disabled. Once transfers are enabled, then the migration process will work as described below.

Keplr Wallet Migration for Republic Airdrop Participants

If you were a participant in the Republic Airdrop, you will need to migrate your Althea wallet from Keplr to MetaMask. Before you begin, the first step will be to install MetaMask wallet.

To do so, first visit the official MetaMask website and select the appropriate version for your browser or mobile device.

A brief note before proceeding: You can right-click on the images in this document and select “open in new window,” to view relevant video tutorials. Migration Tool

After installing MetaMask, and assuming you have Keplr installed, navigate to

Note that the following images can be right-clicked on to select, “open in new window.” This will bring up a relevant video tutorial outlining the steps.

Step 1: In the lower right, click the migrate button.

Click Migrate

Step 2: Use the connect button below “migrate from” on the left to select your Cosmos wallet.

Connect Cosmos wallet

Step 3: Select the Cosmos wallet manager that you are currently using. For this example, we will select Keplr.

Select wallet

Step 4: Now click connect wallet on the right, below “migrate to.”

Connect wallet

Step 5: Select your preferred Ethereum wallet manager. In this example, we will select MetaMask.

Select ETH wallet

Step 6: Examine both addresses to confirm your details and click the migrate button.


Step 7: Your wallet manager will ask you to approve the transaction. Click approve.

Approve transaction

Step 8: Migration complete! You can now note your address and balance displayed in the lower left corner when your Ethereum wallet manager is connected to the page.


Going forward, you can use MetaMask (or other compatible Ethereum wallet manager) to execute transactions such as staking, claiming rewards, voting, and more via