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Linksys e5600

  1. Download the Althea factory image for this device from the Releases 4 page

    example: 2021-12-07-07-54-openwrt-ramips-mt7621-linksys_e5600-squashfs-factory.bin

  2. Download the Linksys factory image from the Linksys

    example: FW_E5600_1.1.0.24_prod.img

  3. Connect to Linksys WiFi or ethernet port
  4. Browse to
  5. Accept the terms
  6. Login with password admin
  7. Go to Configuration → Administration → Firmware Upgrade
  8. Click “Browse” button, select the FW_E5600_1.1.0.24_prod.img 2 image, and click “Start Upgrade”


  9. Wait for router to flash and reboot
  10. Go to Configuration → Administration → Firmware Upgrade
  11. Click “Browse” button and this time select the Althea firmware image, then click “Start Upgrade”